3 ways How to treat cracked corners of mouth

Apart from being unattractive, cracked lips can be very painful and uncomfortable. They can make the otherwise effortless process of opening and closing your mouth a nightmare. To best treat cheilitis , it is important to assess your condition and gauge the main possible cause of your discomfort.

The most common root causes of cracked lips include:Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

  • Adverse Weather Conditions

Too much exposure to direct sunlight can damage the delicate tissues of your skin.

  • Allergies

Ingestion of foods or medicine that is foreign to your body, or side effects brought about by using products that you don’t normally use can crack your lips.Angular_Cheilitis

  • Bad Habits

Constant licking and biting of your lips is a poor habit that can cause your lips to crack.

  • Dehydration

Your body needs constant hydration to ensure proper function. Lack of enough fluids and vitamins can pose a hazard to your lips and general health.

  • Breathing through the Mouth

The amount of air that passes through your lips can affect their condition. Too much air going via the lips can lead to dry skin that will later chip. This is a common night occurrence when you breathe unconsciously and hence cannot control the amount of air passing through your mouth.

You can eliminate cracking of the lips by applying the following treatment methods;

1) Diet Check

Before seeing any doctor, it is advisable to check everything that goes through your mouth. Too much use of caffeinated products as well as the excessive consumption of sugary foods can harm your lips. It is also important to limit the amount of spices that go into your food. Most importantly, keep your body hydrated at all times. If the condition of your lips inhibits your ability to eat, the use of a straw to drink water and other hydrating fluids is recommended.

2) Use Anti-fungal Creams

Petroleum-JellyThese creams will ease your discomfort and the rate of inflammation if applied consistently both during the day and at night. If there is no virus or infection involved, over the counter creams will be effective for you. Anti fungal ointments are recommended in cases of angular cheilitis and mouth cracks caused by herpes.

3) Natural Treatment Methods

These are basically ways that you can use at home to control the condition. They include:

  • Olive Oil

Olive oil has components that will soften your lips, preventing them from cracking.

  • Honey

This is works best if the cause of the cracking is a bacterial infection. Honey has antibacterial properties that help clear the bacteria. At the same time, it conditions your lips and prevents further cracking.

  • Vitamin E Oil

Vitamins are an important constituent of a healthy skin. Vitamin E oil helps regain the health of your lips if applied several times during the day.

  • Petroleum Jelly

To avoid further aggravation to your lips, you should choose your balms carefully. Petroleum Jelly (which is readily available and affordable in many stores) is highly recommended. It is capable of locking moisture in for long periods of time-people who breathe through the mouth during their sleep, or those with habits of constantly licking their lips can benefit from this jelly.

Over a third of the population have reported suffering cracked lips from time to time.While the problem may not be chronic,handling it soonest possible saves you from its aggravated effects and gives you back your sense of comfort and confidence.