Brand levitra for sale How to Treat Dry & Cracked Cuticles?

In the previous post, we’ve already discussed on how to make your nails naturally long and strong. Yes, we must admit that long and healthy nails are beautiful and sexy, but would you think the same if those long spotless nails are accompanied by peeling, cracking, and ripping cuticles? That’s not sexy at all and I, personally, would exchange long nails for neat skins. The damaged skin around your fingernails not only look unattractive but may also lead to infections. That’s because cuticles work as protectors, i.e. block microbes and bacteria from settling down around your fingernails. This space is extremely prone to infections, so be careful and treat cuticles properly.


If you’ve been used to cutting or pushing back your cuticles, it’s not surprising that they look bad. Luckily, the skin around your fingernails tends to heal itself gradually. Therefore, if you remove the cause – cutting/trimming, the wrong lotions, creams, start using gloves when doing housework, etc. sooner or later your cuticles will restore. Unfortunately, quite often women face problems with the cuticles despite treating them quite properly. One of our readers asked:

“What should I do in case my cuticles get dry and cracking even if I moisturize them regularly? Is there a treatment that can help to improve the look of my cuticles?”

The answer is yes! There are some simple steps that you should follow to keep the cuticles neat and healthy. First of all, it’s vital to enumerate all DON’TS regarding the treatment of cuticles:

  • Don’t use lotions and oils that are out of date;
  • Avoid using polish remover, especially the one with acetone;
  • DO NOT cut cuticles;78629392_XS
  • It’s better not to push them back too;
  • Do not do housework without gloves;
  • Do not bit your nails and cuticles (ever).

These are the things that can prevent cuticles from being damaged. If, however, the skin is already in trouble and you are about of catching the infection, we will give a couple of useful tips on how to treat the skin around fingernails properly.

  1. First of all, if you have noticed that your skin became dry and cuticles peeling, consider improving the diet. The condition of skin indicates if our nutrition is full-fledged. Thus, peeling, cracking, and ripping cuticles should be considered as a sign of the lack of vitamins (B, B1, B6, B12, A, C, and B).
  2. Moisturize cuticles daily. For this purpose, you can use:
    Hair conditioner (softens the skin);
    Olive oil. Use the oil after taking a shower or before going to bet. Olive oil softens cuticles and accelerates healing process;
    Vitamin E oil. It is known as a powerful gun against skin’s dryness.shea-butter
    Shea butter. It is a great moisturizer that is a great deal for healing cracked and peeling cuticles;
    Hand cream. Apply the cream on your hands, covering each cuticle separately, put on cotton gloves, and leave overnight;moisturizing-and-glovesIn fact, any moisturizer you decide to use should be applied before going to bed and covered with cotton gloves.
  3. As we have already mentioned, NEVER EVER cut or push back the cuticles. This is actually how cuticles are damaged. If you feel the need to remove the cuticles from the nails, it is advisable to soak your hands in warm water mixed with the oil/moisturizer that you prefer for 20min or more. After that, take a cloth and use it for pushing back the cuticles.

To sum up, to keep your cuticles neat and healthy, never cut them, moisturize every day, and eat a full-fledged food. This should be enough for keeping the skin around your fingernails excellent.