Cheap levitra india Leg Shaving. Common Mistakes You Must Be Aware Of

Along with the first signs of spring and the mood of upcoming summer usually prompt women to think about the things that are not so actual in winter. For example, we often gain weight in winter, and we don’t care about that as we can cover additional kilos with tons of winter clothes. Nevertheless, bloomed spring snowflakes encourage women to loose weight.

Or we forget to remove leg hair, which starts piercing the eye once you take off the pants and start wearing short skirts that are sooo missed during the cold winter period. Of course, you may be a type of women who care about such things all the time, but that’s not the core thing that we want to discuss here.

In this article, we would like to discuss the way you remove leg hair. What methods do you prefer? Waxing? Shaving? Sugaring? Threading? Depilatory Cream? Electrolysis? These are the main methods that can be applied. Nevertheless, if you are practicing the simplest methods – shaving, we would like to enumerate the biggest mistakes that can lead to skin’s dryness, chicken skins, and other unpleasant outcomes.

First of all, what does it mean ‘Leg Shaving?’ Leg shaving is the way of weeding out leg hair using a razor or electric shaver.beautiful-legs Thus, in comparison to sugaring, depilatories, epilators, lasers, and other devices for removing leg hair, shaving remains the cheapest way of getting rid of unwanted hair. On top of that, shaving is probably the quickest method of hair removal. That’s why statistically the majority of women practice this leg hair removal method at home.

Unfortunately, despite being cheap and fast, leg hair shaving is a rather nasty way of getting the hair out since it may lead to bumpy, irritated, and itchy legs. Therefore, if you prefer this method and seek to avoid unpleasant consequences, you must beware of the major mistakes that can cause them.

  • NEVER ever save your money for a razor. Old razor’s blades are dull, which is why it can hardly shave hair close to the skin. Besides, ‘outdated’ razor is more likely to root out the hair than to shave. On top of that, by using an old tool you risk catching the infection. That’s because old razor accumulates bacteria razorand is covered in germs, which is why a small cut may end up with an infection.
  • Besides, don’t use single-blade disposable razor too often. It dries the skin and is not comfortable when shaving areas like knees and ankles. Instead of that, choose four/five-blade razor for smoother and softer skin.
  • Your boyfriend’s or husband’s razor for shaving beard is not the right choice too because it is used for tougher hair.
  • Don’t rush. Even if you are late for the date or if you received an unexpected invitation to spend time at the seaside, please take your time and don’t start shaving your legs as soon as you begin your bath. The longer you stay in the warm water, the more pores are open. Thus, lay in a bath for at least 15min and only then start shaving.
  • Dry shaving? NO NO NO! No matter how hurry you are, you’d better not try to shave your legs without shaving cream. Otherwise, you are going to risk cutting and nicking the skin. If you don’t have the cream, you may use hair conditioner or shower cream instead, but please DO NOT use bar soap. no-bar-soapAccording to dermatologists, bar soap makes the skin even more dry and does not allow razor blades to slide against the skin. Consequently, the skin can get cut easily.
  • Upwards or downwards??? Think carefully about the right shaving direction. It’s advisable to shave leg hair downwards or, in other words, in the direction of the hair growth especially if your skin is sensitive. Otherwise, you may end up with razor burns and ingrown hair. Slide upwards only when it’s necessary to shave closer.
  • If it happened that leg shaving has ended up with razor burns, do not ignore that because damaged skin can also lead to unwanted infections. So, once the skin gets burned soothe it with ice or petroleum jelly.
  • Always shave your legs using warm water. Cold water clothes the pores and prompts the skin to shrivel, which is why shaving legs may be not that effective.
  • Don’t forget to moisturize your skin after leg shaving. No matter how good is your razor and the qualimoisturize-legsty of your shaving cream, leg shaving cause skin’s dryness and requires the usage of additional moisturizers. Therefore, it’s a must to use cream, lotion or oil after shaving unless you prefer dry, itchy, chicken skin legs.
  • To end up, experts recommend to wash and exfoliate the skin before shaving in order to prevent razor burn.

If you perform leg shaving in a proper manner and take care of your legs’ skin, you’ll be prepared for summer and will be proud of the perfectly maintained skin! So, good luck ladies!