Tips on How to Make Nails Naturally Long and Strong

The condition and the look of woman’s hands indicate a lot about her habits, daily routine, tidiness, and so on. Naturally, well-manicured hands and nails signal that the woman cares about her look and health. Unfortunately, but not all women are naturally gifted with strong, fast growing, healthy nails. Various research has been conducted trying to figure out what inner and outer factors predetermine health and strength of nails. It’s obvious that regarding nails genetics plays a crucial role. However, there are a daily routine and specific maintenance that can help you to achieve long, healthy, and sexy-looking nails.

It has been estimated that nails increase in length about 1/8 of an inch per month. However, this number can vary because the speed of nails’ growth depends on our hormones, weather temperature, food consumed, vitamins, age, and other factors influence that viagra kaufen online apotheke.

In this short article, we would like to discuss three main aspects that you should mind when attempting to achieve faster growth of nails and healthier look. These are:

  1. Food that you should consume daily;
  2. Natural remedies that are known for helping nails increase in length;
  3. Proper treatment.

Proper Nutrition

It’s natural that a proper nutrition is vital for your overall health and strength. However, scholars have found that there is a list of products that you should include in your daily ration to make your nails grow faster and look healthier; these are:

  • Chia Seeds – the source of calciuchia-seedsm and complete protein. You just need 1-2 teaspoons a day, and your nails will certainly improve in health and length.
  • Almonds (or Almond Butter) – the source of biotin, which is a crucial component for healthy nails, hair, and skin.
  • Spinach – contains lots of plant-based protein and iron;
  • Cacao – full of magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium, and B vitamins;
  • Pineapple – the source of Vitamin C and other vital nutrients;
  • Chickpeas – rich in protein, zinc, and B vitamins;
  • Pumpkin Seeds – the source of iron, protein, and zinc.

All in all, if you don’t think about proteins and vitamins that you consume every day with food, you harm yourself and your overall health, which is why your nails may be weak, crumbling, and slow growing.

Usage of Natural Remedies

If you want to improve the look of your nails and make them grow faster, use some natural remedies. Don’t worry because you don’t need fancy ingredients. The majority of treatments that are recommended for healthy and strong nails are simple.

  1. On the top of the list of ingredients that help nails increase in length are OLIVE and COCONUT OIL. They keep nails moisturized, enrich nails and cuticles with vitamin E, soften cuticles, and make nails stronger. Besides, these oils are known for increasing blood circulation, what means that nails’ growth is naturally promoted. For olive or coconut oil treatment you need – the oil that you prefer and cotton gloves.

    Procedolive-oilure (before going to bed):

    – Warm over the olive oil;
    -Apply it on your nails and cuticles;
    – Massage for several minutes;
    – Put on cotton gloves and leave overnight.

  2. You may also use LEMON, which is a source of vitamin C. To make a lemon bath for your nails.


    – Mix 1tb sp of lemon juice and 3tb sp of olive oil;
    – Heat the mixture slightly;- Put your nails in it and keep for at least 10min;
    – Repeat the procedure every day.

  3. ORANGE JUICE also exhibits traits that help nails grow faster and get stronger. It’s full of vitamin C and folic acid, which stimulates the emergence of collagen.


    – Squeeze fresh orange juice;
    – Soak your nails in it and leave for at least 10min;
    – Wash hands with warm water;
    – Apply some hand cream.

To make your nails stronger and noticeably increase the speed of their growth, practice any of the aforementioned procedures or, the best, apply these ingredients alternately, every day.

Proper Treatment

Image: Image: Image: Manicured nails

Finally, you have to think of external factors that affect your nails and make them weak, chipping, layered, and so on. Think about strong chemicals that you use for washing dishes, cleaning bathroom, etc. Are you nervous? Are you continuously biting your nails? Are you living in the are where the harsh climate prevails? Then always mind the following recommendations:

  • Use gloves when washing dishes or when performing other housework, especially when using chemicals;
  • DO NOT bite your nails;glass-nail-file
  • Instead of trimming cuticles, push them back;
  • Instead of clipping the nails, use a glass file;
  • Apply nail strengthening polish to get them stronger;
  • NEVER rip gel nails or nail polish because this can cause a severe nail damage;
  • Don’t let your hands get cold. Always wear gloves in winter!